How can I get authentic customer experiences?

This is quite difficult in general. As a rule, customers who have commissioned a ghostwriter for their scientific work value absolute discretion. Even if you sometimes read in forums corresponding “testimonials”, is in the vast majority of cases of hidden self-promotion of the provider. We do not want to participate in that. Instead, we have summarized some of the feedback we received from customers in a separate section. These feedbacks are absolutely authentic and not fake and may be a guide to evaluate us as a provider. In addition, we recommend you: contact us and let us advise you in detail.

Is ghostwriting legal?

Our ghostwriters write royalty-related works. After completion and full settlement of the fee, we transfer the rights of use to the work after full payment of the fee to you. The further use of the rights of use or how you proceed with the work is the sole responsibility of you. Our works are only templates for personal orientation and use.

What if I want the job earlier than agreed for unforeseen reasons?

In the unlikely event that you for some reason do not want to continue the collaboration at the beginning of the collaboration, you have the right to terminate the contract at any time. In the event of termination, we will leave to you the texts created to date against payment of the pro-rated fee.

How do I stay up to date on the status of my order?

Your project manager is always there for you. Personally, by phone or by mail. You can always get information about the status of your work. In this way, you can understand the status of the work at any time and thus have a specific influence on the design of the work.

How can I ensure that my mission remains completely discreet?

Discretion is one of our core principles. We never name references by name or publish customer texts as sample texts. We irrevocably delete all customer data and correspondence 3 months after the end of the order. Any request that did not lead to an order will be deleted after one week.

How does a direct contact with the author take place?

If you work with us, you have the opportunity to talk with your author about your project. However, we refrain from direct and permanent access, as we consider this to be of little benefit to both sides due to relevant experience. You have to start project u.a. the possibility to make a substantive agreement during a moderated and anonymous telephone conference and to describe to the author what you consider to be particularly important for the work, which preparatory work exists, which aspects have to be taken into account, which methodology can be used etc. This is enough for us Experience completely to make substantive votes, as the other communication through your permanent contact person of TEXT & science. Of course, we will forward any of your messages, notes, documents etc. to the authors immediately. For longer or more demanding projects, more than one telephone conference is usually conducted. Some providers offer a permanent contact with the author. For some customers, this appears as an important quality feature. It ignores the fact that the personal support and control of communication by the project manager is a key quality feature in ghostwriting, at least in our view. However, leaving the customer alone in his communication with the author (and vice versa) contradicts this. Some customers are nervous and insecure, writing many mails a day to catch their breath. If the communication went unfiltered to the author, this would undoubtedly affect his content-related work. That is why not least our authors appreciate working together with TEXT & SCIENCE. Under personal supervision we understand the permanent communication as well as the content moderation at the intersection of client and author. A simple “pushing on” of projects and the associated responsibility does not belong to us. As a project manager during the entire processing time and also after completion of the project, Norbert Hertrich, Felix Hager and Hartmut Hering are at your disposal. Our authors can concentrate on their actual activity, namely research and writing for you.

How do our fee prices justify themselves?

We are not the cheapest provider, you may find an agency that offers you a lower bid. However, we work individually and in each case aligned to your requirements, our texts are unique. For you, this is ultimately cheaper than if you realize in retrospect to have made the wrong decision. Accordingly, labor-intensive and careful is the work process. It just makes a marked difference when, for example, a specific chapter in the thesis is drafted not only on the basis of the evaluation of 3 sources, but of 10 high-quality sources. The latter represents a significantly higher effort. Understandably, therefore, every highly qualified ghostwriter or editor expects a fair and appropriate fee, which motivates him not only to accept an order, but also committed to edit and perform. Dumping fees are not conducive to such motivation and jeopardize our core principle of customer satisfaction. In this regard, we pay particular attention to matching, i. the tailor-made selection of our authors and editors in relation to the customer order. At the same time, our authors undergo a strict selection process, so that a professional and personal suitability is absolutely guaranteed.

What guarantee do I have that the commissioned work meets my expectations (and especially that of my professor)?

We attach great importance to satisfied customers and, consequently, to the high quality of our scientific services. Our employees are only experienced academics, which we select very carefully. Not only are our ghostwriters well-versed in the most common scientific requirements, they are also experts in their respective fields. Should there ever be a complaint, we correct and revise after substantiated criticism, of course, free of charge.

How does the cooperation with the editors TEXT & SCIENCE come about?

You have already received an offer and decided to work with us? In the next step, you will receive from us a binding written order confirmation, which specifies all details of the cooperation. Please sign the order confirmation, then transfer the specified fee payment (or send us in urgent cases the transfer slip), we confirm by mail and the processing of your order begins.

How can the editors TEXT & SCIENCE help me?

We support you in all your scientific projects. The support can take the form of a specific ghostwriting, as part of a science coaching as well as a profound content-stylistic editing. This depends not least on your commitment, if necessary on the status of your preliminary work or on your time capacities. To clarify which of our services is suitable for you, please call us!